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Meet the band
William Barr

Birthplace? Dublin
Instrument? Mandolin
Music: Beatles, Velvet Underground, Faust, Townes Van Zandt, Go-Betweens
Favourite album: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Beatles LP: Revolver
Favourite jazz album: Kind Of Blue (Miles Davis)
Favourite track: Feeling Good (Nina Simone)
Tipple: Tanqueray gin
Sayings: Joe, do we have a gig tonight?
Film: Five Easy Pieces, If, Morgan - A Suitable Case For Treatment
City: Manhattan, NYC
Best place in London: Hangar Lane gyratory system
Most treasured possession: My indestructible liver
Biscuit: Jacobs Mikado
Childen's TV show: Spongebob Squarepants
Carry On Actor: Charles Hawtrey
Star sign: Sagittarius
Does this mean anything to you? I was born on the very same day (same year) as Bill Hicks
Pets: Glimmer and Shimmer (AKA The Rat Boy & The Mouse Boy -  cats, male)

Ian Button

Birthplace? Crayford, Kent
Starsign? Aries
Does this mean anything to you? It's just another label, man.
Favourite biscuit? Ginger Nuts, any brand.
Favourite Buzfuz gig to date? Riverside BBC 6.
Leisure pursuits? Old cars, old TV shows.
Pet hate? People in front of you in the supermarket queue not having their money ready.
What would your all-time top 5 playlist be?
1. Jonathan Richman - Roadrunner (once)
2. Orange Juice - Blue Boy
3. David Bowie - Kooks
4. The Velvet Underground & Nico - All Tomorrow's Parties
5. The Blue Orchids - A Year With No Head
Favourite Buzfuz song? Kay Malone
If you were an animal what would you be and why? A royal corgi, for endless brilliant reasons.
Favourite piece of technology? The compressor/limiter.
How (on Earth!) did you become involved with Sergeant Buzfuz? They asked me very nicely.
What other bands are you in? Papernut Cambridge, Rotifer, Pete Astor, Wreckless Eric
Best Dr. Who? Pertwee
Favourite Brian? Murphy
If you could be in ANY other band in the world, which one would you choose? The Beatles, but I wouldn't replace Ringo, we'd have 2 drummers.
Favourite film? Alfie
Porn star name: Rusty Gardiner

Joss Cope

Birthplace: Tamworth
Instrument: Bass guitar
Porn star name: Tigger Todd

Stu Crane

Birthplace? Leicester
Instrument? Cigar box slide
Porn star name? Bastard Brown

Polly MacLean

Birthplace? Edinburgh
Star sign? Virgo
Favourite band? Fatima Mansions
What other groups do you play in? Slate Islands

Eilish McCracken

Birthplace? Ronkswood Hospital (Worcester)
Starsign? Virgo
Does this mean anything to you? Does what mean anything to me?
Favourite biscuit? They've got frilly bits around the edges, raisins in the middle and they're a bit shortbready. You get them in variety packs.
Pet hate? Inability to pour a decent pint of Guinness
Beatles album: Revolver
City: Helsinki
Favourite Buzfuz song? Rebellion With Fries
How (on Earth) did you become involved with Sergeant Buzfuz? Didn't I lose a bet?
Which shampoo do you use? Herbal Essence for 'normal hair'
Best Dr. Who? Tom Baker
Favourite Brian? Molko
Favourite material? Velvet
Favourite film? The Shining, The Orphanage
Favourite jazz album: I have no favourite jazz album
Children's TV programme: Tiswas
Carry On Actor: Sid James
Best Place in London: Where my friends are
Most treasured possession: My photo albums
Porn star name: Smokey MacInerney (Eilish, that's a country singer name - ed)
Pets: Neo (cat, female)

Joe Murphy

Birthplace? Sheffield
Star sign? Gemini
Does this mean anything to you?
I'm two-faced.
Favourite biscuit? Dark chocolate digestive
Favourite album? The Madcap Laughs (Syd Barrett)
Favourite single? Nag Nag Nag (Cabaret Voltaire)
Pets: Pickwick (cat, female)
Favourite piece of technology? Dodgem car
Best Dr. Who? Patrick Troughton
Favourite Brian? Clough
3 favourite places in London: BFI, Skoob, Tower Of London
3 favourite places in Sheffield: Kop (S2), Central Library, Derbyshire
Beatles album: Rubber Soul
Tipple: Red wine
Likes? Trains. Maps. Cathedrals. Libraries. Cats.
Dislikes? Bullies.
Favourite films? The Saragossa Manuscript. Vertigo.
Actors: Thora Hird, Maxine Peake, Nicola Colman, Humphrey Bogart, Bruno S, Toby Jones
Under The Influence: Songs I've covered over the years at Under The Influence at the Boogaloo in Highgate: Leonard Cohen - Closing Time, Jacques Brel - Mathilde/Jef/Marieke, Clash - Washington Bullets, Bowie - Queen Bitch, Kinks - I'm Not Like Everybody Else, Julian Cope - Robert Mitchum/Sleeping Gas, Auteurs - The Upper Classes, Pulp - Wickerman
Porn star name: Jigsaw Hague