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Blang moves to Wednesdays
Monday, 12 January 2004

Blang is moving from it's old Monday slot to Wednesdays starting this Wednesday with special guests Timothy Victor of The Folk Orchestra, David Cronenberg's Wife and the mysterious Diet Of Spires. See Blang page.

Friday, 12 December 2003

"Untitled # 1" from first Buzfuz album "Obsessive Compulsion Pour Homme" is December's "Noise Of The Month" over at

December update
Monday, 08 December 2003

Normal service is resumed!
We've had problems with the website but they're now sorted (thanks Filthy Pedro) and the site will now be regularly updated.

Joe and Kate have been busy rehearsing with 3 new musicians and a new 5 piece line-up made it's debut at the last Blang! night on Nov 10. The full band is now Joe Murphy - guitar, vox, Kate Arnold - hammered dulcimer, violin, vox, Eilish McCracken - violin, whistle, flute, percussion, Jon Clayton (bassist in Chris T-T's band and Stuffy/The Fuses) - cello, Martin Parker - drums. And they're playing again at Blang! Mon Dec 8.

The second Sgt Buzfuz cd album "Fire Horse" is out on Audio Gland Records on March 8. Mixing was finished last December and finally it's been programmed, mastered, designed, illustrated and manufactured. Launch gig will be March 10 at 12 Bar Club. Followed by dates around UK and maybe Europe. Watch this hyperspace.

Truck Fest
Monday, 07 July 2003

Yesterday Joe journeyed up to the Truck Fest in Oxfordshire with antifolk inventor/singer Thomas Truax. Joe guested on analogue synthesiser in Thomas' set.

Last night's Blang
Tuesday, 01 July 2003

Much fun at Blang last night with Jeff Lewis joining Buzfuz at the end of their set to play SK1 piano on 2 Julian Cope songs, "Sleeping Gas" and "Sunspots". Then Joe, Kate, Paul The Girl and Grandmaster Gareth guested in Jeff's amazing set with at one point an improbable 7 musicians on the tiny stage. (Tiny: would comfortably fit inside the back of a football net).

Joe plays with Jeffrey Lewis
Sunday, 18 May 2003

on Saturday may 17 Joe joined Jeffrey Lewis and his band onstage at The Spitz as an impromptu guest on psychedelicate existential dronerock ode "Springtime". Buzfuz played the band's SK-1 keyboard.

Buzfuz appeared live in session on Johny Brown's Resonance FM show "Mining For Gold" on May 2. Joe and Kate played "Ghost", new song "Pour It From The Kettle" and "Swim" and Kate read a Keats poem over some ambient glitches! The Rebel popped in to play "Death Is Just A Dream", Joe brought in some Nico and Johny saluted Joe's Sheffield roots by spinning Clock DVA's classic '4 Hours".

Buzfuz session on Resonance FM
Sunday, 13 April 2003

Joe and Kate are playing a live radio session on Resonance FM on May 2. They'll be doing 2 songs on the Friday afternoon show hosted by Johny Brown from the magnificent Band Of Holy Joy. Johny's show airs from 1 'till 2 pm.  Joining them live on the show: The Rebel, who headlined last July's Blang! and who delights in picking the scabs off country music and feeding them up the ass of rock'n'roll. 104.4 FM.

Joe Buzfuz records accordian for Chris T-T's album
Tuesday, 18 March 2003

Joe has recorded accordion on 2 tracks and vocals on 1 track on chris t-t's upcoming 4th album due on snowstorm records in the summer. see

February update
Monday, 03 February 2003

joe is playing a solo show at the 12 bar club on monday feb 10th.( see blang! and gigs sections for more details). 2 nights later kate returns to action for a buzfuz duo line-up at the hope and anchor. (see gigs). and a week later joe plays a short solo set at the camden head, angel. (see gigs).
joe has finally whittled down the 14 finished studio tracks to 11 songs and decided a running order for the 2nd buzfuz album which should be out by the summer. watch this space.

Welcome to the Sergeant Buzfuz website
Wednesday, 01 January 2003

welcome to the Sergeant Buzfuz website. Maybe you stumbled here websearching info on sergeants, majors, corporals etc. but you're probably here looking for info/stories/rumours/lies about sergeant buzfuz and his music or the monthly blang! nights he puts on at the 12 bar club.
keep checking back regularly and of course you can always click here to join our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

'Blang! runs the 2nd monday of each month at the 12 bar club, denmark st, london. i put on acts from new york's incredible antifolk scene as well as people from over here with a similar lyrical or musical edge and non-corporate attitude. It tends to be acoustic based cos the 12 bar stage is q. tiny, but anything that fits physically and musically'.


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